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Firepoint: October 2019 Bulletin 246

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-10-31 12:48:42 EDT

Innovations in Fire and Smoke Detection Reduce False Alarms

It has often been said that just because building occupants can’t see flames or smell smoke, it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t an emergency fire situation. Nevertheless, recent advances in software allow building fire alarm system technology to deliver faster, dependable and stable methods of fire and smoke detection which are also less prone to create unwelcome false alarms.


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Firepoint: September 2019 Bulletin 245

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-09-25 09:53:09 EDT

Ensuring Smoke-Free Passage During A Building Evacuation

Ultimately the objective of evacuations when a fire strikes in a building is to ensure safe passage of occupants to the outdoor assembly areas. Of course, the start of any fire in a building must be detected as quickly as possible, and certainly before it can make the means of escape unusable. read more...

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Firepoint: August 2019 Bulletin 244

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-08-28 15:33:48 EDT

Fire Hazards in a Building

Whether in an industrial or residential occupancy, fire emergencies can occur at any time throughout the building without notice. In some cases, fires lead to distressing aftermaths. It is the responsibility of the business operators and/or the building owners to ensure that any potential fire hazards are identified, and to implement preventive measures to reduce, if not avert, the chance of fire occurring in the first place. read more...

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Firepoint: July 2019 Bulletin 243

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-07-26 09:46:53 EDT

Building Fire Evacuation Measures

Although a typical fire safety plan contains a broad range of requirements, its main emphasis is to provide building operators and managers with the evacuation procedures needed to minimize the threat conditions occupants or employees may encounter during a fire emergency. read more...

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Firepoint: June 2019 Bulletin 242

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-06-17 10:35:20 EDT

Safeguarding Building Occupants

Unfortunately, no one can predict when a fire emergency will present itself. It is critical for the building owner and/or business manager to maintain a current fire safety plan, as the lack of a current plan could result in a host of severe repercussions. read more...

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Firepoint: May 2019 Bulletin 241

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-05-15 15:36:38 EDT

Safe Means Of Occupant Evacuation

Whether for a commercial or residential high-rise, public assembly or industrial building, fire safety planning is the top priority for the building management and business owners alike. Where applicable, they must prepare their on-site supervisory staff in case a fire situation occurs on the premise. read more...

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Firepoint: April 2019 Bulletin 240

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-04-18 15:29:30 EDT

Building Occupant Evacuation Readiness

Fire safety plans do not necessarily have to be lengthy or even complex, however they are to be designed so that they are easily understood and tailored to comply with the fire code that is specific to the building classification.


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Firepoint: March 2019 Bulletin 239

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-03-19 12:46:45 EDT

Planning for Unexpected Building Evacuations

There can be a variety of emergencies in buildings. Disorganized evacuations result in confusion and put occupants at risk, whether in commercial, institutional, industrial and or residential occupancies. Fire evacuations can be one emergency and it is critical that the fire safety plan identify when and how the occupants are to respond, keeping in mind the worst-case scenarios. read more...

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Firepoint: February 2019 Bulletin 238

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-02-21 08:48:01 EST

Building Evacuation of Persons Requiring Assistance

Although changes may not have been made to the physical building over time, changes to the list of building emergency personnel, their phone numbers, and the list of “persons requiring assistance” (PRA’s) may very well be outdated. read more...

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Firepoint: January 2019 Bulletin 237

Posted by Firepoint on 2019-01-23 09:43:23 EST

First & Second Stage Fire Alarm Audibles.

Most building operators can relate to a host of fire alarm conditions which can occur, leading to the evacuation of their occupants whether there was an actual fire situation or false alarm. At the moment the fire alarm system audibles sound, it may not be immediately clear what created the alarm or what was to more...

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