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Firepoint: October 2017 Bulletin 223

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-12-14 08:52:09 EST

Emergency Preparedness and the Building FSP

For the most part, the goal of a residential or commercial business operator is to ensure the satisfaction and safety of their occupants. It is critical to be proactive and follow the requirements outlined in the approved fire safety plan (FSP) for the building. Most important is following the evacuation procedures described in the FSP so that occupants can quickly and efficiently evacuate the building in the event of an more...

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Firepoint: Testing Post

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-12-13 08:36:27 EST

Firepoint is the leading developer of code compliant fire safety more...

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Firepoint: September 2017 Bulletin 222

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-09-27 13:16:04 EDT

Emergency Preparedness and the Fire Safety Plan

Understanding the sections of the fire safety plan (FSP) pertaining to the building occupant evacuation procedures does require advance preparation. There are critical activities required during the time between the identification of the fire emergency and commencement of evacuation. read more...

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Firepoint: August 2017 Bulletin 221

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-08-16 13:11:55 EDT

Mitigating the Unpredictability of Building Emergencies

Sooner or later one can expect a building evacuation to take place, whether it be a real alert or false alarm. The fact is that the majority of people entering a building have the expectation that they can come and go in reasonable safety, and to a large extent they rarely consider the consequences of a fire occurrence. read more...

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Firepoint: July 2017 Bulletin 220

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-07-17 14:19:15 EDT

Maintaining Clear Exit Ways

The first priority for building operators and property managers is to ensure that occupants can safely exit a building without becoming trapped or overcome by smoke in an emergency. It is therefore crucial that the fire alarm system, public address system, and/or other means of alerting occupants are in full working condition at all timesread more...

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Firepoint: June 2017 Bulletin 219

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-06-14 15:29:39 EDT

Reviewing Your Fire Safety Plan

Given that a fire safety plan (FSP) is to be reviewed at intervals of no greater than twelve months, some advance preparation may help in the management of this important task. On average, an FSP may easily run over fifty pages, and it may seem somewhat overwhelming to review and update. As a starting point to commence the update process, it is necessary to establish when the FSP was accepted by your city more...

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Firepoint: May 2017 Bulletin 218

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-05-11 14:39:18 EDT

Fire System Interruption

The term fire watch as outlined in the approved fire safety plan (FSP) relates to the role of a pre-designated person(s) having the sole responsibility to be on the lookout for fires in their assigned area(s). The FSP does contain guidelines in the event that the automatic fire systems are off-line for any reason whatsoever, and a description of the fire watch procedures to be implemented immediately. read more...

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Firepoint: April 2017 Bulletin 217

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-04-13 09:23:25 EDT

Ensuring the Integrity of Fire Barriers and Successful Evacuations

Overall, fire and life safety planning is a critical component of any building. The planning approach for the most part hinges on the building’s classification, its characteristics and the fire protection systems and safety equipment which are currently installed. For all concrete or steel-reinforced structures, and regardless of the number of floors or occupant load, it is imperative to assess hazards in the building.


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Firepoint: March 2017 Bulletin 216

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-03-13 10:34:25 EDT

Readiness for Building Emergencies

A buildings fire safety plan (FSP) must clearly and precisely lay out the essential responsibilities of all personnel concerned, and specify the chain of command. To avoid confusion during an actual fire emergency, it is essential that all personnel in the organization know the precise role that they are expected to more...

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Firepoint: February 2017 Bulletin 215

Posted by Firepoint on 2017-02-16 13:21:19 EST

Fire Safety Awareness

Building management and the elected floor wardens play a critical role in ensuring the safety of all building occupants during an evacuation of the premises. It is equally important to confirm that the emergency procedures are prominently posted on each floor throughout the building, as is verifying that the fire safety plan (FSP) is in its designated location and readily available to the first more...

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